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We are the sole UK agent for the Viatemis/BMS (DIAMecans/SODEREP [ECANS]) range of battery master switches and associated items. We have supplied these products into the UK market for the last 30 years. The range extends from simple single pole manual through to multipole electronic switches, in between we offer double pole, auxillary circuit, pneumatic operation, Also applications for Euro 4 and beyond, including time delay, D+ and SM circuits. Switches are manufactured in France to the highest standards incorporating a high level of moisture and dust ingress protection. ADR (Dangerous goods) specification are available in manual, pneumatic and electronic options. We are also able to supply ancillary equipment such as cab and external switches (electrical and pneumatic), gaskets, distribution blocks, connectors etc.

  • 1) Commercial Vehicle Applications
    • a) Bistable BMS – Controlled by cab switch and push button operation with manual override if required, no holding current, power is only required for change of state.
    • b) Electro magnetic BMS - Solenoid operated with applications including Dennis & Volvo.
    • c) Manual BMS - Single and double pole options, plus auxiliary terminals (D+ and SM), detachable handles, locking, and wide range of power ratings.
    • d) Relays - Single pole with auxiliary option and manual override if required.
    • e) Solenoid valves – Pneumatic and other application.
  • 2) ADR (Dangerous Goods) Approved switches with the following options:
    • a) Double and single pole with air actuation with the option of auxiliary circuits, removable handles, double and single acting cylinders.
    • b) Cab and external air control switches, double and single acting as regulations require.
    • c) Electronic ADR approved switches, both master and slave systems and a compact switch. Offering 10 second delay suitable for applications requiring Euro 4 and beyond, in addition to other optional control features.
    • d) Control switches for electronic ADR BMS incorporating spring loaded protective cover.
  • 3) Marine
    • a) Full range of manual and electronic switches previously listed but where required white epoxy coating to further resist corrosion in harsh salt spray conditions.
    • b) Low voltage monitoring systems for marine applications where boats/yachts are left for regular long periods. Incorporated into electronic BMS system.
    • c) Bistable switches for bow and stern thrust applications.
  • 4) Pneumatic systems
    • a) Cylinders, various sizes, single and double acting.
    • b) Directional control valves and valve blocks.
    • c) Pneumatic control switches.
  • 5) Low Voltage Monitoring

Full details can be found in our catalogues which are available to view or download. We are always happy to answer any questions or help with identifying the correct product for your application. Please call if we can help.

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