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Welcome to D C Woodhead and Partners Limited.

D C Woodhead and Partners Limited was formed in 1964 with two employees – DCW and a part time secretary. It acted as an agent for a number of firms, specialising in industrial hydraulics. Maintenance and repair work, mainly in the steel industry, led to design and production of specialist hydraulic systems.

At the same time, an involvement with engine components was developed, especially with inlet and exhaust valves and later fuel injection equipment. Whilst repair and reconditioning of FIE was, and still is, carried out.

The firm became deeply involved with injection equipment and engine manufacturers in a development capacity. The industrial hydraulics operation was devolved to a separate company which continues to function in this capacity.

Battery isolation switches were added 35 years ago. They have grown in both volume and complexity, to deal with modern installations.

diesel fuel injection battery master switch
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